4 Ways To Be Happy ( Four Agreement)

Let’s make a deal together today:) We talk about what requires concerning being free, to be happier…..

Today, I will tell you how to deal with the judge who constantly judges you within you. Or rather, I will convey to you the ideas of the person who has already told you this.

Don Miguel Ruiz gave us a very good account of what freedom is and how to be yourself in his four books of agreements. So what are these four deals?

  1. Watch Your Words.
  2. Take Nothing Personally.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions.
  4. Always Do Your Best That You Can Do.

The words we use are everything. The word is magic, and it has such an effect that it may not be forgotten for life. Imagine if someone said a bad word to you. This person said a word to you that may have affected your entire life and led you badly. The word is magic, and the word is stronger than the thought. When a thought remains in a thought and is not uttered, it only concerns the mind of the thinking person, but when that word is uttered, it can either change the lives of others or completely destroy it. Remember, our words are everything. If you want that spell to work well, be careful with your words and express something with empathy. Because the meaning and effect that each word evokes in another may not be the same as the judgment that you give it.

Nothing is personal. A behavior or any actions that are made to you may not be unique to you. The words spoken to us, some actions taken, are not always related to us. If we take all this personally, then we create great obstacles in our lives. We build these barriers with our own hands. Don’t you think it’s deplorable to put an obstacle in front of the happiness in your life with your own hands? Please don’t take things personally. Because in these things, there is a lot of other people’s psychology, aggressiveness, childhood, their inner world, and so on.

Making assumptions is one of the biggest things that will consume your energy. There are many possibilities in life. Something good, bad, better, worst, opposite and non-opposite….. Even these concepts are subjective. Good and bad are according to everyone’s own perception. Don’t you think it’s exhausting to make assumptions about what might happen in our actions and thoughts in life, anticipating each of these possibilities? Please don’t make assumptions. Because it only consumes your energy and makes you unhappy.

Doing your best is the most important thing that will always satisfy you. Because you try to reach beyond your reach and try to exceed your capacity, and if you compare the measure of your own capacity with that of others, that’s when you feel unhappy. Because you are you, and it is already your capacity to do your best. Your limit is you. Trying to force it will only make you unhappy. So it’s best to try to do your best. That’s one of the keys of happiness.

Do not judge you…..

Stay with love and don’t forget four agreement that we’ve already done….. 🙂

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