A Transformation From Abstract to Concrete

As all we know, the love is one of the most powerful emotions and passions. This emotion is abstract and we can not show it anywhere. We can’t touch it, see it, hear it and so on. But we can do just one thing within this emotion. That is to feel. Feeling somethings are also really powerful like love. Cause feeling means that actually emotions related to feeling are abstract. If you are within abstract thing, to give meaning to anything is really hard. So, this makes it special. And there are another things at the same time other side called as concrete. Concrete means that it is everything that we can able to touch, hear, see etc. Most beautiful thing making special the abstract things is just feeling without seeing, touching, hearing, smelling….

Especially nowadays a transformation began between concrete and abstract things. People’s expectation changed and so the emotions also started to change. Abstract things became concrete. People who want always more did that. Then they began to complain about that and forgot to love. Actually, touching something, hearing something are easier than the abstract things what they do. When life started to be easy the people also started to choose easy things . Expectations changed into physical desires and emotions were totally forgotten.

In old times, feelings were very very different than now. People loved with each other with real and strong feelings including passion. But now people do not know even difference love and passion. Passion is an emotion which is really powerful and hurting your heart. Passionate people just think about themselves, I mean they are selfish, they just want to be loved but they do not know how to love. Passion is a necessity for this people but really lovers never think about themselves they just wanna see eternity and feed their loves. So If you someone tells you that “I love you so much”, look at him/her what she/he does. Does he/she think about his/her necessities or just think about you. If he/she is in the first group this person does not really love you because he/she is passionate but if he/she is in the second group, real love is that, this person cares about you.

Excessive things are always harmful. “Look at what Spinoza says: Excessive dignification and undervaluing are always bad feelings. “ (Ethica, 2014: 373)

Do not want more and don’t try to change abstract things into the concrete. Because concrete things are temporary but abstract things are always permanent, like real love. So you become real, permanent and never give up on your eternal feelings 🙂

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