Philosophy Stone and Immortality

I stayed away from the blog because of the fires that have broken out in Turkey at the moment. Unfortunately, as you know, our nature is under great threat, and because it affects us all psychologically, it has been quite difficult to focus on something. But now we will continue where we left off as much as possible, and we will talk about immortality, taking into account these bad events that have taken place recently.

The concept of immortality has been quite a remarkable concept for us mortal people. In retrospect, it can even be said that in some periods, ways of being immortal were sought. So why is this concept so important to humans? If immortality were found, or if we were all born Immortal, would that be a blessing given to us? Is immortality really as wonderful as thought?

Today, let’s go to the 15. century. I mean, at that time when the Philosopher’s Stone was in question :))

Atatürk ve 'Yürüyen Köşk'ünün Duygu Dolu Hikayesi

Nicolas Flamel, is an alchemist who lived in 15.century. It is claimed that he found immortality and the philosophy stone, which is the Alchemist’s greatest dream. The philosophy Stone is a stone that according to the science of alchemy is believed to transform every object it touches into gold. According to the science of chemistry, unlike the science of alchemy, it is not possible to turn any substance into gold. Because gold is an element, not a compound. The Philosophy Stone, as just mentioned, is a concrete indication of The Alchemists ‘ two great goals. I mean, turning substances into gold and finding immortality. According to The Alchemists, thanks to a potion obtained from this stone, one could become immortal. But Stone could not be invented. (Especially those who have watched Harry Potter and The Philosophy Stone know well.) Why do you think the Stone wasn’t invented? From the incompetence of alchemists, lack of knowledge, or none of them? I don’t think it’s the first or the second. The biggest reason this stone could not be invented is the impossibility of such a thing. We just said, ” If people were immortal, would it be a blessing for them?”we asked a question. Some people might answer that yes. But is immortality really a blessing, or, conversely, is death the greatest blessing given to man? There are many people in life who suffer as much as they are healthy and are waiting to die. These people are so worn out by their pain that death is a blessing for them. Because it symbolizes salvation and is now an escape from suffering. Besides, we have a limited time in life. During this time, what we want to do, our goals and plans collide with each other. Because they connect us to life and are one of the most powerful reasons to cling to life in our limited time. And if we were immortal, would we appreciate something or have goals? Even in a world of death, when people are quite hurtful to each other, would we really appreciate something if we were immortal? I don’t think we’d ever know. Because as we glided through the magic of the eternity of life, we didn’t take the time to think about other things or dwell on spiritual things. Perhaps the most material things would guide our lives. Of course, just because we’re mortal doesn’t mean everyone appreciates everything. But I’m trying to say that even when you’re mortal, when you have people who aim for material things in life, I can’t think of the number of them when you’re immortal. (With exceptions, of course.) Also, we always see death as an end. But it’s just a change. Because nothing disappears, and there is no end. Every end is the beginning of something else. How can something that contains two things at once be finite?

Before going, I want to tell you this. The real meaning of immortality is that a person can survive by what he does, by his ideas. What makes us immortal is our closeness to our conscience. The better we are with him, the decidedly immortal we are. And the souls of people whose souls have always done good things never die. People who protect things, love things, behave well, don’t die. Protecting nature is one of them. Do you think a person who loves nature, loves trees, protects them will die? For example, can our great leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Modern Republic of Turkey, ever die, who can be cited as the best example of this? A man who says that the mansion that was built should be moved so that a single tree would not be cut, but the tree should never be cut, is not immortal? If we try to count what Kemal Ataturk did, we can’t fit it on the pages. Because he has made a very close friendship with his conscience, and this friendship cannot be limited to pages. Since immortality also has no end, it is impossible to describe it certainly in words. So the real immortality is not to live in a life that is present physically and spiritually forever, but to live etched in minds

Our Regards To Atatürk’s Memory…..


  • Haiis
    Posted Ağustos 7, 2021 10:30 am 0Likes

    I can write only english. This is great to hear about your experience. I appreciate your work.

    • admin
      Posted Ağustos 11, 2021 4:23 pm 0Likes

      Thank you so much. This is my pleasure :))

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