Power Of The Words and Just Say “QUE SERA SERA!”

We sometimes look for somethings about our life or ourselves. Looking for somethings make us powerful. Because If you have a purpose in this life, the life becomes meaningful and you live it better than a life without meaningful. The hope is one of the meaningful things to make the good life. Especially these days (because of the pandemic) most of us lost our purposes or some of us even could not find them. If we are in the first group and we fell into the desperation and now I have a recommendation for you about this and that is “Power Of The Words.”

Have you ever believed in the power of the words? If you ask me I did. Because whatever you say to yourself, your life goes to that direction. If you always look down yourself and feel insufficent, the things that you do in your daily life become insufficient like your words. The words are so powerful than we think. They are communicate with our subconscious. Our subconscious manages almost our whole life. Look at your choices. Look at your the people that you wanna get married or flirting. Probably, most of them are similar with each other. If you grew up in a family that are unloving, a man or woman that you chose are gonna be a person who does not know how to love. Because you saw like that and you do not know how to love a person. If your family are oppressive, you might be oppresive parents against your children. When you say bad words to your children, they feel so aggressive and then become introverted. They are gonna grow an evil spirit in them. This evil spirit give them a bad and wrong directions as a result they will be a person who is unhappy. Let me tell you a story:

Did you know about living people in the Solomonian Islands those have a special method to cut the tree? This method is just to blow. Yeah you heard right. To blow. They crossed the trees which they will not able to cut with the ax, and they began to say bad words to that trees. Because they believed in that the trees have a soul when they do that. Then the bad words began to cross with the that souls, trees became dry and fell. So, they were right. “

I think this example the most beautiful example concerning power of the words. The soul in the trees that we talked about shortly before has in the people too. In other words, we have a soul and we can be managed by the good and bad words. “Que Sera Sera” that you saw in the Title is my motto and the word that I liked to say so much to myself. Which means that “everything goes to where it will be”. I am not fatalist or determinist. But If we live a bad things in our life or to be found in unlucky situations, we should not say the bad words to ourselves, should not give a permission to other people saying bad things against us. Everyone and all of us get experience related to unexpected things. In kind of the situations our words affects us so much and every bad word that we said to ourselves plants the bad seeds into our soul. And the soul begins to be unhappy, introverted, hopeless, aimless and just living a person physically. The main life is a living soul. Soul is everything. If you want to plant the good seeds into your soul, please say the word to yourself, “Que Sera Sera.” So, you feel better, your life will go to the right direction and the other people will not be able to affect you badly. Let’s together say this word.


Take Care! 🙂

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