The Day Of Movie Recommendation: “Wonder(2017)”

Today, I am here to advise a movie recommendation for you:) Every Sunday it’ll be and the most beautiful movies will be advised to you by myself. Sooo, today’s recommendation is “Wonder” as you see on title.

Wonder is movie which is adapted from a book with same name in 2017. This movie’s topic is that:

A guy who is called as Auggie, seems different from others. When Auggie was born, his face was different and the others were looking at Auggie’s face differently. Auggie always realised that the people’s strange sights to his face. Some of his fellows were kidding him, so Auggie was affected badly as psychological. Because this people did not know the real beauty in the souls. Auggie was different not only he was different with his face but also he was different with his great heart.

Manager in school in this movie said great sentence related to this movie’s theme: Auggie can not change his appearence but may be we can change our perspective.”

I think in the movie Auggie said really true and the great sentence at the end of the movie. “If you wanna win people, all you have to do is just looking at them

Because the “real beauty is under the skin, not in the appearences. Please do not forget this!

This movie is for the people who want to cry and those who are real friends with their conscience. :))

Have a nice watching:)

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