What Did You Do To The World? Turkey Is Burning…..

“Are humans the most dangerous creatures in the world?.”every day I ask myself this question, again these people answer my question every day yes.

Maybe in our daily conversations or based on the films and documentaries we watch, we say or express that some animals are the wildest, and dangerous creatures. Think about it: when you say shark, most of you may have a feeling of dread. For example, I’m most afraid of piranha fish when it comes to wild animals. Because if you extend your arm, you won’t find an arm when you pull it back. That’s how dangerous this kind of fish is. But when it comes to human beings, it is obvious that people are more dangerous than piranhas. For example, in a zoo in Germany, there is a section called the most dangerous creature in the world. And when you opened the door and walked in, all you saw was a mirror. Indeed, every day we look in the mirror, we are faced with the most dangerous creature in the world. Yes, a lion or crocodile are aggressive and wild animals, but their ferocity is limited by the law of nature. These animals hunt when they are hungry, it is not even in their nature to usurp the right of another. They never want more. If gazelle herd passes in front of lion, lion does not care it. Because human greed and the desire to want more do not exist in their lives. I never forget, in a documentary that I watched, a wild animal began to cry when it realized that the other animal it had killed was pregnant, and it had not eaten it, and its heart was torn from sadness. Can you imagine it? His heart was torn from sadness. People don’t even hear their heart break, let alone their conscience. There’s a concept in philosophy that I love very much. “Daimon.”  It means a divine voice that goes to conscience. Now people have bracketed their Daimons or turned down their speakers. Because the voice can’t be transmitted to the conscience. All that is conveyed is selfishness, greed, money, reputation and more. At work we consumed many things with the ambition to ask for more. Our natural resources, our greens, our waters…. And now our forests again. Currently, many forest fires are occurring in Turkey and cannot be passed in front of them. And who’s the reason for all this again? Of course, dear people(!) Why does a person consume where he lives and the oxygen he receives? I think he thinks he can find more, but when he goes further, they won’t even find the oxygen they have now and the places they live….

Please be content with what you have, people! Because as you search for more, there will be no living space left to the next generation just because of your ambition. And to yourself….

Pray For Turkey…..

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