What Is “Perfect”?

Many reasons, such as evolving technology, changing standardized perceptions, and an effort to keep up with the era, differentiate our view of the concepts we rule on day by day. This differentiation becomes an increasingly holistic view, and the eye we look at something becomes the same, transferring itself to a single window. This also has a number of negative consequences and reflects their negativity in many ways. One of them is the problem of today’s phenomenon: “being perfect.”

The concept of “Perfect” is a concept that can be considered quite a lot and recognized in many different ways. In fact, although this concept is subjective, it has started to become objective day by day. Especially in recent years, some perceptions have started to become standardized under the influence of many factors such as media and mass media. One of them is the perception of beauty. I call them the “army of standards in the container.” One of the most famous things contained in the said container is a physical appearance bookmark, which has been quite popular lately. “Princess Nose”.

what is perfect

Princess nose is a hard door that is imposed on the part about trying to be perfect, especially one of the most sensitive points that will touch the souls of women. This idea has now become so standard that people have thought otherwise that it is far from perfect and candidate for exclusion. Again, many features, such as a thin waist, large breasts, upturned eyebrows and prominent hips, have been the main criteria of beauty. In short, a subjective concept such as beauty has been objectified and lost its true self. But the real question to ask is “ ” what is perfect?”or” is there a perfect one.?”Really, what is this perfect?

In the first place, we stated that the definition of perfect extends to a wide range of measures. Here is the definition of excellence that I have adopted, one of these broad measures: “to do your best.”

Don’t you think doing your best is a perfect thing that everyone attributes to him/her? Because what did we just say? Perfect is a subjective concept, and it is external factors that objectify it. If we don’t limit the concept of perfection to our own measure, we always feel unhappy and inadequate. Because the person who is looking for perfection, whatever point he/she reaches, will surely find it inadequate. It’s not something that has a perfect ending. It is like a mirage. Far away, you think you see the most beautiful thing, but it’s just an illusion.

Everyone, everything has its own capacity and limits. Some of us have wider boundaries, while others have the opposite. At the same time, successes or failures shown in limits are also subjective and differ depending on the situation and person. In this case, isn’t it better to get away with a little bit of a feeling that has no end and only instills bad feelings in you when you are trying to reach it? Because of this, wouldn’t it be better if our motto was “Don’t look for perfection, but do your best” Because it’s that way is enough.

I can’t go through this without finishing the article; What has always been different and contrary has been more remarkable in my opinion. Differences add character to a person, and that’s what makes it that thing. In other words, it’s a reflection of its essence. Just as the nose in the photo you see above is not the type of Princess nose imposed on us, it is a natural and bony nose that adds character to the person, and it is a natural mark that reflects that person to whom it belongs….

Don’t try to be perfect! Because there’s no such thing as perfect. But, always “ ” do your best.”Because perfect is the limits of your own good. 🙂

See you :))

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