What’s the Meaning of the “Eve”?

The meaning of the word Arefe is used in the sense of the day before anything. The root of the word is that;

Turkish Arabic word ” Arafat “in the 1400s at the latest.[3] it probably comes from the word irafat, which means “foretelling the future”. Turkish Arabic is also used as arefe under the influence of the original. [3] [4] The word “Arefe” is also used as a female name in Turkish.[5]

The use of the word Arifa in Turkish in the sense of “the day before anything” was first encountered in 1945.3( https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arife)


Today, as you all know, is the day of Arefe, and today this word is used before Eid al-Adha. For me, days or phrases that indicate something before tell of the sweet preparations of the main thing. Because of this, I have always loved these sweet preparations, in short, Arefe. Because these stages, which are sweet and relax our soul before beautiful things, give us pleasure and excitement. For example, think of a piece of music; you have surely heard that we have a concept called “taksim”, which is performed before a great work. After Taksim comes such a beautiful part that we anticipate the beauty of this part, even while taksim is being performed. Even just looking at taksim is enough to understand the beauty of the work. While you are listening,not only you feel an exuberance in your soul, but also a state of trance. This means that other things that actually precede something can be expressed as a messenger of the real beautiful thing.

Now, unfortunately, I can’t say that the taste of the old holidays remains, but I can say that it is a little in the hands of a person to taste something or feel the beauty of that thing before the real thing. Unfortunately, I can’t get the old taste from the holidays either, but I’m doing my best to try to feel just like that enormous “taksim” before a work so that I can make the main thing beautiful a little bit.

Have A Nice Holidays,

Have A lot Of Taksim Days :))))

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