What’s The Meaning Of The Seeing With The Eyes Which Don’t See?

Let’s talk about “What’s The Meaning Of The Seeing With The Eyes Which Don’t See?”.

Hellooo everyone! My name is Selin. I have thought writing on WordPress for a long time but I could not do it. Now it’s time. I’m gonna write my thoughts about everthing I wonder and you wonder. Sooo, let’s begin thinking together, learning and having fun and to dive to the deep subjects at the same time.

Now, I wanna ask you concerning a question as you see on the Title. “What’s The Meaning Of The Seeing With The Eyes Which Don’t See?”. What do you think about it?

Düşünen Adam kimdir? Düşünen Adam heykeli kimden esinlenmiştir?

You know we’ve some features like seeing somethings and hearing etc. But the things that we heard and saw and etc. are real as we looked at them or not? Are your eyes really see the reality or is the reality behind the visible things? Have you ever thought about invisible things? I always liked and wondered them. Because somethings are not as we saw them. The reality means that actually. For instance; when you watched the Titanic, what did you think about it? Probably, you cried and you were angry with the man who built Titanic. Because he did not think about people’s safe but just he thought his reputation.

Titanik' neden battı?

You can see by looking at the photo. This ship looks great and wonderful, amazing. We might say that this ship is so durable and never sinks cause it looks brilliant and huge like its name. This is a deduction. We generally deduce about anythings just by looking at their appearences. But to understand the truth we have to focus on the things which are behind appearence. That’s the key to arrive the reality.

Why did the lots of people die in Titanic? So If it was so durable why did it sink? The answer is here. Because there are the things which we never saw. They are inequality, class discrimination and the things which are like them. There were a 3 class. First class, second and third. If there is a class discrimination somewhere can we say that are there a safe and equality. I think no, because if it was may be Titanic would not sink and lots of the people would not pass away. We always focused on the appearence of this ship, its attraction but never could see the this realities. Yes Titanic sank but the problem is just not about the man who built it or the love story in the movie or its attraction. Most important thing is that there are the other things that we’re suppose to focus on. And they are most important than Titanic’s appearence. If we can do that, I mean if we can focus on the real things that we never can see directly, we’ll understand somethings better. Please you focus on the invisible things directly too.

See you soon 🙂 Love you…

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